28 March 2010

Joe's recap

Just got back from a long weekend at Joe's Valley. This place is SICK!! Will be spending a lot more time there in the next few years. Last time I was there I was able to do a few climbs...

...but this trip was much more productive. I had by far my strongest day of climbing in my 10 years in the game. Of course just being in the Valley is nice enough, but doing some difficult problems makes the trip seem more worth while. Here is the short ticked list.

Wed - Scary Monsters
Thurs- Feels Like Grit, Worst Case Scenario, G2-07
Fri- Killed by Numbers (flash)
Sat- Smokin' Joe, Water Painting, Scrawny and Brawny, Fingerhut, The Wind Below (flash), Moby Dick

There was a bunch of cool people in the Valley making for a good time. I focused more on climbing this trip rather than filming, but here is a short clip of the weekend...

22 March 2010


Weekend was cool... went to the Spot in Boulder on Saturday. Place is really sick, but it AINT got nothing on the DBC!! Fact: No trip to Boulder is complete without a 14" Half Fast sub...

New Turkey: Grilled Shaved Turkey, Roasted Red Peppers, Sauteed Onions, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Spicy Chipotle Mayo

Then headed up to Arthur's Rock on Sunday...

This weekend I am planning on rolling WEST to JOES!! There is a good group of Colorado climbers heading that way so why not join the group. Heading out Thursday after class (6pm) then getting back into Denver on Monday night. I have a lot to do at Joe's so I figured I would make my list for the long weekend...
Scary Monsters-v6
Nerve Damage-v7
The Wind Below-v8
They Call Him Jordan-v8
Worst Case Scenario-v9
Smokin' Joe-v9
Jitterbug Perfume-v10
Prince of Thieves-v11
Gentleman Jack-v11

Not too bad. Maybe some lesser known problems also...

14 March 2010

Weekend Update

Weather was warm yesterday at Eldo Canyon. Warmed up flashing a cool boulder in the creek, Eastern Priest v4.
Eastern Priest, v4
After that the group headed to The Heist v12 where Thomas Betterton got insanely close to sending. I have now been up to the slot four times and I have done all the moves on this climb. Next season I WILL climb this problem. Here's some pictures...

Thomas B. getting close

Then Qwigon v10. This problem is ok. Small holds out a cool bulge. Unfortunately we got to the boulder in the evening and the rock had been sitting in the sun all day. No dice. Next time!! Majority of the day was spent sharing laughs with friends at the boulders.

On another note I have turned most of my attention and effort to the Park season. I want to climb hard this summer so training is in full effect for the next few months. A few Chattown fellas might roll in around May and as always the summer will consist of a lot of driving and walking. Hopefully some sending in between.

Busy school week ahead. Might head up to RMNP to check out snow level this weekend. I heard rumors that Whispers of Wisdom is climbable!!


11 March 2010

Back in the 303.

Just got back to Denver from a 10-day break from school. Had the chance to stay around the midwest and hit up Joe's or Hueco even possibly head west to California, but in the end decided to head back to the Southeast. It was a good trip.

Hungout with the parents in ATL for the weekend and ate some good food at SoHo in Vinings

... then bolted North on i-75 to Chattanooga. It is always nice to go back home and drive over Missionary Ridge and see Lookout Mountain. Good times. And not to mention all of the rock climbing to be done!!

I had been back to the south over Christmas and done away with quite a few of my old projects...

...and as I headed up to Little Rock City after driving into town I still did not know exactly what I wanted to put effort into. Somehow the day ended with an ascent of Biggie Shorty in the Back Nine Area. Phew!! That one was a long time coming. I figured out good beta for the match on the crimps and after a few fumbles on the first move SENT. My climbing has progressed lately and I am syked to see what happens in the next few months!

The rest of the trip was nice. Spent most of the time in Suck Creek. One of the small satellite areas around Chattanooga. Here is a small clip I put together of my efforts in the creek (I believe the first two climbs to be first ascents... tell me if I am wrong)

Chattanooga 1 from John Gass on Vimeo.

That's all for now. Poudre Canyon this weekend!!! SYKED!!

Just Bloggin'

I like to eat Nutter Butters... maybe too much. Which makes improving my climbing difficult at times.

I decided to start throwing some of my thoughts up on this blog. Most will be about climbing, some about cooking, and others mindless rambling.

- John