21 March 2011

Video - 10 Days on the Front Range

So here it is.

Another 10 day segment.

This time around the video showcases bouldering all over the Front Range.

20 March 2011

Screenshots - 10 Days on the Front Range

Things have been rolling along in Denver, CO. A few buddies from the Southeast are here hanging out, climbing and enjoying some time away from school. Out of the 10 days they have been here, we have been out at the rocks 8 of those days. PHEW! Definitely needing a few rest days.

While out at the rocks (besides sending quite a few boulder problems and having some good laughs) we have been hard at work shooting a video now dubbed "10 Days on the Front Range." The video will showcase many of the quality boulders within a few hours of Denver. Areas include Clear Creek Canyon, Boulder Canyon, Eldorado Canyon, Poudre Canyon and Matthew-Winters Park.

Here's a few shots to keep everyone syked for the video (planned release in the next week or so)

Brion Voges - lower crux of Darkwaters

Hard Boiled - Boulder Canyon

Brad Weaver on the crux dyno of Elegant Universe

Bambi - Matthew Winters Park

Spicy topout on Bambi / Fantasia

Circadian Rhythm - Poudre Canyon

Rarely climbed Suspension of Disbelief - Eldorado Canyon

That's it for now, keep an eye out for the video on my blog as well as on Brion's and Brad's in the middle of this week.

07 March 2011

Video - 10 Days in Arkansas

Here is a short video showcasing the 10 day trip I took to Arkansas. Got to say that the bouldering around the Jasper, AR area has got to be some of the best climbing I have done in the States. Already planning a return trip next fall.

Unfortunately on the last day of the trip, I fell off the last move of Fred's Roof and strained my achilles tendon pretty bad. First injury in a while so all I can do is learn from it. The injury occurred because I threw desperately to the last jug on Fred's and landed just left of the pads. From now on I will always line up my landing zone and make sure I feel 100% before committing to a difficult, desperate move.

So now I am back in Denver and there is much to be done. Training for the alpine season will begin in the next few weeks. Got a lot of projects in the mountains and also high hopes of developing some new ones I have had my eye on!

All for now, 

04 March 2011

Update from the ARK

ARK so far...

Last Thursday, my buddy Tom C and I decided to roll out of Denver and head into the Ozark Mountains in northern Arkansas. The area around Horseshoe Canyon Ranch has gotten a good bit of publicity the last few years and it is about time I came down to see what all the fuss was about. Not disappointed at all - The bouldering here is amazing.

 Been here for a week now and am finally taking a full rest day. The climbing is so good that I literally can not stop. I got started bouldering on sandstone around Chattanooga, TN and it is a lot like the bouldering here. The boulders in ARK tend to all be on the steep side and the climbing much more dynamic. Come here with some good contact strength!

With two more full days of climbing left, hopefully a few more lines will fall so I can return next season to try all the others.

Getting a lot of footage so keep an eye out for an ARK bouldering short in the future. Here’s a few shots I’ve taken during the trip. 

Driving into HCR

Walking along the cliff line towards Ab Lounge
Mega classic - Glass Bowl
Staying motivated at Fred's Cave

Hidden gem back in the woods.... Daily Planet
Night session at HCR