19 December 2013

Sandstone Holiday


Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Thomas Betterton and I took a trip through Utah and into Nevada. We had around 2 weeks of climbing and were fortunate enough to climb quite a few classic boulder problems in areas such as Joe's Valley, Moe's Valley, and Red Rocks.

Here are a few pictures from the trip ... and keep an eye out for a video in the not too distant future !!

photo - Wes Walker
photo - Wes Walker

- JG

14 December 2013

Holiday Buzz

The last few months have possibly been the busiest of my life... 

Right now I am in Atlanta, hanging out at my parents house and tomorrow I will catch a flight back to Denver. With a little down time it seems fit to write and let everyone in on what's been happening in my world.

In early September I began the ABS 15 season, not as a competitor but as a route setter.

Through working at the Denver Bouldering Club, I have found setting to be an avenue into which I can pour energy and creativity while at the same time become a better climber.

The great folks who run the gym have been gracious enough to allow flexibility in my schedule so that I can travel to competitions to learn from the other route setters and gain more knowledge and experience.

Fall and Winter Setting Schedule
ABS Comp at City Rock Gym, Colorado Springs, CO
ABS Comp at The Spot Gym SBS #1, Boulder, CO
Lakewood Link Comp #1, Lakewood, CO
The Spot Gym SBS #2, Boulder, CO
Lakewood Link Comp #2, Lakewood, CO
Lakewood Link Comp #3, Lakewood, CO
ABS Regionals, ABC Gym, Boulder, CO

I won't go through every comp in detail, but I can say that I have learned something unique at each event... setting at a new gym can be a learning experience in itself... getting to set with different people, holds, wall angles.. it really has helped me to become a more well rounded setter. It also allowed me to meet other setters and chat with them about why they enjoy what they do, which in turn gets me even more psyched to be a part of the world of setting. So many different perspectives being translated onto the wall, very cool to see.

As far as ABS Regionals goes, I knew everyone going into the event fairly well and I think that really showed. We all worked well independently, which really helped make the problems cool and all the problems had a nice variety in style. When it came down to fore running and tweaking, everyone was very professional and we worked well as a group. All in all it was a great learning experience. 

First hour, first day - Hanging Volumes
photo: Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou

From left - John Gass, Kasia Pietras, Garrett Gregor, Kegan Minok, Paul Dusatko
photo: Paul Dusatko

Kegan running one of Kasia's problems for the Youth D Category

One of my problems, for the Youth D category. 

Garrett's beast of a Youth D boulder, with the large yellow holds and a slick volume for the feet

The competition was great. The kids climbed our problems, the parents were proud of their young ones, and of course those who qualified will be heading to Arizona in a few weeks to compete in the Divisional competition.

notes, notes, and more notes
I am very excited about my roll as a setter, both at the DBC and in future competitions. Great times to reflect on. I can only hope to continue to get the opportunities to further my skills.