31 January 2012

ALPINE FEVER -- Bouldering Video from Colorado

Alpine Fever is a series of short videos that Ivo Penchev and myself shot in the summer of 2011. Set in the Colorado Rockies, it will include scenery and climbing from both Rocky Mountain National Park and Mt. Evans.
Here is the first part from RMNP ...

Keep an eye out for the next two parts:

- JG

10 January 2012

Hueco video

Here's a short clip from the trip down to Hueco...

- JG

08 January 2012

Hueco 4

Last photo update of the 2011-2012 Hueco trip...

 Brion Voges working out the moves on Daniel Woods' House of Doom v13, unrepeated

This break has been amazing. I've got a lot of footage from the trip and will be releasing a few videos in the coming weeks.

Now it is time to return to the daily grind. Excited to get back to the kitchen and back out into the Colorado mountains....

- John G

05 January 2012

Hueco 3

A couple more pictures from the Hueco trip...

Waiting to get into Hueco Tanks.. the daily routine for climbers without reservations to North Mtn

Giovanni Traversi on Crown of Aragorn v13 (East Spur)

Brion Voges working on Yellow Diamonds v13 (East Mtn)

Brad Weaver sending Full Throttle v13 (East Mtn)

01 January 2012

Hueco 2

Quick photo update of the trip so far..

Enjoyin' time spent in the desert outside of El Paso, with good people and fun rock climbs.

A few more pictures over at Brion's page (http://brionvoges.tumblr.com)

Sunrise over West Mtn, Hueco Tanks

Sunset from the Hueco Rock Ranch

Nate Drolet, Hueco guide, climbing on Jigsaw Puzzle (East Spur)

 Brion Voges and Sam Davis working out the moves on Crook by the Book - -

 Brad Weaver climbing Coeur de Leon at the East Spur - -

Screen shot of Frogger at the East Spur
Keep the psyche !!