21 April 2010


Bad weather is setting in on Denver for the week / weekend. Hopefully there will be some dry rock somewhere on the Front Range.

Things have been rolling along in Denver lately. Lots of schoolwork and lots of training. A good amount of my climbing time has been spent in Eldorado Canyon. Weather is warming up and this seems to be the place to go for a nice day in the mountains.

A few weekends ago I was able to go up there and climb a problem called 606(v10). First climbed by Will Lemaire, this problem is hard crimping at its finest. The crux move revolves around moving off a small right hand edge (maybe 1/8 of a pad) to another quarter pad gaston then standing up on a bad foot to a few balance moves. Another classic in the Canyon.

This one did not take too much time and made me feel good about my finger strength as summer and the PARK SEASON are right around the corner. Next on the agenda is a new arete on the Resonated bloc (courtesy of Chris Schulte) and possibly a few taller climbs!!

Until then more time in the gym and finishing up school. Hopefully I can get out this weekend and get some new videos up.

p.s. I was also able to head up and try Gabor's new line Botslayer at Flagstaff Mtn. This climb is definitely a very worthy addition to the area. I was a bit hesitant on the small right hand edge that surrounds the crux, hopefully I will get back up there and finish this new line off.