15 June 2011

Update from Mt. Evans

Things have been rolling along here in CO. Finally got used to the constant hiking necessary to get to some of the amazing boulders in the mountains. Still pretty worn out and in much need of a few rest days.

Well, word got out that the snow melted at Lincoln Lake and the crowds are starting to arrive. Those first two weeks after Memorial Day weekend were super nice and low key, a lot like the climbing I am used to doing in the Southeast.

Its all good though. Here are a few pictures to keep the psych!!

Voges working out the moves on Big Worm
Vanilla Sky
If you are at the Evil Backwards boulder, turn around and check out this tall arete Ryan Silven and I cleaned. Ryan grabbed the first ascent and named it Thermopylae.
A new line that I cleaned up and climbed, now dubbed The Iron Mask.

06 June 2011

Lincoln Lake

AHHH, finally a much needed rest day.

I have spent the last four days obsessing over the Lincoln Lake sector of Mt. Evans. Waking up at 9am every morning and heading out to the boulders. Cleaning and climbing until 8pm then hiking out, feeling overwhelmed by the fact that I get to climb at an area like this.

Voges and Webb searching for new boulders

The initial few days of the season have been productive in the sense that many new boulders have been added already. Because the majority of climbers began going there after the snow melted last season, there are many boulders that are climbable in their current condition (lots of snow, making for mostly flat landings) that were not climbed last season. This is another detail unique to the area... Some boulders will be climbable only in the early season, some only in the late season!!

Endgame v7
First Day, First Minute - v6
War of the Insects - v9

Beggers and Doers - v6

Above picture : This small area is home to some of the recent development. A boulder that I cleaned and Tom Camillieri was able to climb sits on the left side. This one is named "Beggers and Doers" and sits at around v6. Jamie Emerson cleaned up a nice roof on the opposite side of the large boulder on the right. The right line is now called "War of the Insects" and registers in at v9.

Possible new problem, up the talus from Tangerine Man

Four months out of the year, the snow melts off and we climbers are allowed access to this unique place. In a world where we humans are considered "outsiders," bouldering brings on a new meaning altogether. Every trip down into the boulders is more like an adventure, not knowing exactly what you're getting yourself into.

It seems that after the harsh winter, many of the climbs need a bit of "re-cleaning." That being said, a large majority of the opened boulders are ready to go!! Only a few remain unclimbable due to snow, but I'm sure these will clear out in the next few weeks.

Along with a few others, I will be shooting video along the way and hopefully we can collaborate and release a nice Alpine summer bouldering short in the future. In the meantime, get out there and do a bit of searching!!!

More on the way.....