14 December 2010

Dark Waters

Quick video from Ivo @ www.lovechclimbing.com

Dark Waters Stand V10 - Clear Creek Canyon, CO from Ivo Penchev on Vimeo.

Back to the SOUTHEAST on Friday for 2.5 weeks!

08 December 2010

Winter in CO: Eldo Canyon / JWU

Since getting back from a quick trip back to the Southeast, weather here in Denver and on the Front Range has been amazing. Colds temps with little snow (except for Poudre Canyon, so I hear.)


Last weekend I headed up to Eldorado Canyon to climb on some boulders WAY back in the woods with buddy Sam Johnson. After a long hike into the Lost area we met up with some Front Range OGs and got to climbing.

Sam and Silven got extremely close to repeating an old Dave Graham line. Still needing early ascents, both provided very good efforts but were thwarted by the long deadpoint at the top of the climb. Props to Dave for the vision and motivation to get out there and open so many hard climbs.


If not at the boulders, I am usually at school here in Denver. Graduating this year with a degree in culinary arts! SYKED. Possibly further study into nutrition after...

Thought I would throw up a few pictures of what I do there on the daily.

All for now. Later.