10 July 2011

RMNP - 2011 Season - Day 1

 Yesterday was a good one!

First day back in CHAOS CANYON (Rocky Mountain National Park) for the season. Snow finally melted out from a late snow in May so Ivo, Rob, CookDog and I headed straight to the Upper Chaos boulders to get down to business.

Clouds rolling in over Longs Peak, RMNP

As usual during the summer months, weather plays a role in every Chaos day. Despite on and off rain, we were all able to try hard and got a good day of climbing in.

After a good session at the El Jorge boulder where Rob and Cook hooked up both the Right and Lefter versions, we headed to the Pterodactyl boulder. Another amazing boulder in Chaos! After some figurin' I was able to climb the boulder from the "stand."  I also was able to figure out the bottom moves and am looking forward to more attempts on that this season.

Ivo Penchev on Pterodactyl Stand V9

Ivo Penchev on A Thousand Shades of Green V9

Just got out of class and am looking forward to a much needed rest day.
More on the way...