08 November 2010

Help the SCC.

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The Southeastern Climbers Coalition needs everyone's vote!

In 2010, Pepsi is giving millions of dollars to fund good ideas, big and small, that make the world a better place.

The SCC has entered for a grant amount of $250,000. Pepsi only awards two of the $250,000 grants per month. Only the top two ideas with the most votes are awarded the grant at this level.

Spread the word. Ask your friends, neighbors, and co-workers to vote.

VOTE here or text 104071 to Pepsi (73774)

FIVE TEN DEMO @ DBC / Newlin Creek Update

will be showing off their new line of high performance shoes at



starting @ 5.30PM

!!!!GET SYKED!!!!

Ronnie Jenkins, 5.10 rep, will be running a demo at the DBC on Tuesday, November 9th. The demo will include the new line of shoes coming out soon!! Swing by and try on a pair and climb at the DBC!! directions...

Been climbing a fair amount lately. Finishing up some classes at school which is taking its tole. Staying motivated. Been climbing with buddy Ivo lately. Got up to Boulder Canyon once last week and climbed on the Cage Free boulder for a while. Ivo snapped some awesome pictures.

picture by Ivo Penchev

Check out his site here ....

Got out to Newlin yesterday to finish up a boulder...

The Nickness.... from John Gass on Vimeo.

All for now. More on the way.

06 November 2010

Boulder Canyon

Yesterday I was able to get out for a nice session in Boulder Canyon. The temps cooled down earlier this week and I had put in a good amount of effort linking the compression moves on Replacement Killers.

The day began at the Cage Free boulder, waiting for the proper temps and watching Ivo get crazy close to climbing Cage Free. Next time for sure. I tried the sit to this for a bit and was able to almost climb into the stand from the start! Could not hold the toe hook move, cutting the heel. Very syked for cooolder temps on this one.

An hour before dark we hiked up to the Hard Boiled / Replacement Killers boulder. Sent first go of the day. This is one of the more difficult boulders I have climbed in a while and it felt great to be at the top.

Short video of my effort to climb Replacement Killers...

Replacement Killers from John Gass on Vimeo.

BIG shout out to Five Ten for keeping the Anasazi Velcro around for so long! One of my first pairs of shoes 10 years ago. Although they might not be the most performance oriented shoe, the stiff soles and flawless heel were the only thing that kept me from falling off the top... without a doubt!