17 February 2011

Fantasia Video

Here is a quick clip I put together of Jimmy Webb climbing Fantasia v14.

Bambi (v12) established by Thomas Betterton climbs the left side of the roof from a sit start. Both lines end with a crux semi-blind deadpoint to a small two finger pocket.

Of note.
Dave Graham was extremely close to sending the climb as well, repeatedly falling off the crux deadpoint to the pocket. Watch out for a 3rd ascent in the near future!

16 February 2011

ABS Nationals / Fantasia

The ABS Nationals came to Boulder over the weekend and myself, along with hundreds of others, gathered to watch some serious plastic groping.

Woods climbing M Qualifier #3 ^

For the guys, DWoods lost it in the semi-final round opening up the field for others to gain the top spot. Sean McColl was able to take it with an impressive flash of final #3 and took away the $3K first prize! Money in the BANK.

Zach Lerner on M Final #2 ^

Alex Johnson on M Final #3 ^

For the girls, long time friend Kasia Pietras repped Chatty, TN in the finals despite not climbing much recently. In the end Alex Puccio took the top place and the money.

Kasia Pietras climbing on W Final #3 ^

I was also able to get out and do some "real" bouldering over the weekend as well. Saturday, I headed up to the Matthew-Winters Park to check out an awesome Thomas Betterton line called Bambi (v12) and a new line that DWoods just opened climbing into it dubbed Fantasia (v14).

With a good amount of energy I was able to climb into the last move of Bambi from the beginning. SYKED! Hope to get out and finish this off soon. No doubt it would be the hardest thing I have ever done.

After a lot of effort from Dave and Jimmy on Fantasia, JWebb held on to grab the second ascent. I got some nice footage with my new camera and it will surface soon.

8a+ section of Fantasia ^

hard deadpoint to a 2-finger pocket at the end ^


05 February 2011

La Poudre - Bouldering Pictures / Video

Poudre Canyon (view from Twilight Boulder)

After a freezing cold week in Denver (highs in the single digits), I was somehow able to get out for a few days of climbing over the weekend. After climbing the stand start to Twilight the previous weekend, a good crew decided to head back up to Poudre to try and finish up the sit and the line going left called Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.

When we (Ivo, Sarah, Tom, Mercedes, myself) arrived at the boulder, the topout was covered in snow. After a renegade mission to clean it up, we began the tough process of warming up in 30 degree weather. After a tough day Ivo and myself came away with sends of Twilight Sit and Tom was able to dispatch Gypsies...

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves - v10

Was able to shoot a quick video of some sends.. CHECK IT

More on the way.