21 September 2010

Fall in CO.

Back in Colorado.
Few pics from the drive across country.

After a busy, busy summer things have finally slowed down somewhat. Trip back to Chattanooga and ATL was nice, but only reminded me how much I enjoy the lifestyle I live here in Colorado.

The fall is an amazing time to be in the mountains. Such obvious changes in the surroundings beg to be noticed. The long grass at Lincoln Lake has started to change to a deep red, creating an almost otherworldly experience while hiking into or out of the boulders. The mobs of tourists in Estes Park are winding down meaning the SEASON is here NOW with around a month remaining to boulder in the alpine areas!

Unfortunately, the road to Lincoln Lake will close at the beginning of October. This new alpine area got CRAZY attention this summer (probably because of the wolverines). It will be interesting to see how much traffic the area gets in the following years.

Couple of possible weekend trips coming up!!

P.S..... DBC is having a setting night this Friday (Sept 24th). Come check out the gym and throw up some problems to test out those skiiiiiiiiiilllllls!!

More on the way...